We only use high-quality products at Studio 1745. Carcadia, Osmosi beauty, and PCA skin are some of our most used brands. Schedule a skin consultation with me to find the best products for your skin!



Circadia professional skincare is based on the skin and body’s natural Circadian rhythms. Chronobiology, the biology of time, is based on the principles of defending skin from damage during the day, and stimulating repair during sleep, and is at the core of our concept. Circadia has been a pioneer in bringing the concept of Circadian rhythms to the health and wellness industry.

Circadia’s formulations combine pure botanicals, stem cell technology, second generation vitamins, and innovative peptide development to achieve optimal skin health and beauty. The Circadia Collection offers unique treatment options such as chemical peel alternatives, innovative delivery systems and patented ingredient technology exclusive to Circadia resulted in documented performance. Our concept allows us to deliver science and nature in perfect rhythm.

"Annie was great! I was able to add on to my facial to get exactly what I wanted and she nailed my eye brows. Her space was super clean, relaxing, and welcoming. I will for sure be going back!"
- Katie

Osmosis beauty:

Osmosis Beauty’s mission is to change the way we treat skin, by empowering its innate ability to heal itself to create real, lasting results without compromise.
They do this by looking at skincare through a holistic lens.
Rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, and go more than skin deep to target the source of common concerns. Osmosis combines the most effective detox strategies with medical-grade, non-toxic, topical formulas and strategic facial services to achieve authentic transformations and overall well-being. Our bodies are constantly showing us what they need; all we have to do is understand the clues.
Our approach is based on treating the whole self; focuses on holistically healing, not harming, features ingredients essential to activate repair; uses pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems; and treats challenging skin conditions no one else can.
Over 10 years ago, we were inspired by the bold mind of our innovative founder, Ben Johnson, MD, to create non-toxic skincare products and treatments that combine the purity of naturally sourced ingredients with revolutionary, doctor-developed, and scientifically validated formulas to deliver products that really work. Their clinical trials and before-and-after photos prove that this approach is leading skincare into a new paradigm.

"Annie always makes my once a month visit a special well deserved self care treatment. My face over the last year has been spoiled by her knowledge of skin care and multiple services. Between the special facials, Dermaplane, and helping me select the right product for my face, my face radiates brighter than before. I would be lost without my once a month treatment from her. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment now."
- Anthony

pca skin®

PCA SKIN® has been and continues to be a trusted innovator in the development of highly effective professional treatments and daily care products. Their vision is to improve people’s lives by providing results-oriented skin care solutions that are backed by science for the health of your unique skin.

PCA SKIN treatments and products are available through licensed skin health professionals that have been trained and certified by PCA SKIN in their use.

PCA's Core Values:
Customer centric: we put the customer first in everything we do.
Entrepreneurial: we have the mindset to view and recognize opportunity, take initiative, take risk and innovate.
Accountable: we take ownership for our mistakes and work together to push forward.
Trustworthy: we demonstrate honesty, trust and mutual respect and will not compromise.
Dreamers: we see possibilities over limitations and create new ways, “what if.”
Results driven: we deliver results, strive for superior performance and celebrate success.
Passionate: we inspire, excite, and stimulate process.
Transparent: we challenge prevailing assumptions with candor and healthy debate.
Philanthropic: we bring people together to create a stronger force of change for our community.
Fun: we work hard and play hard.